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Children and Youth Ministries

Christian Formation

Christian Formation is a life-long process by which an individual works to expand their relationship with God and their congregation. Our youth ministry program is a branch of Christian Formation that focuses on teaching children about the Episcopal faith and the church to which we belong.


Our regular meetings happen in two parts:

  • Younger children (pre-k to 4th grade) will meet at 9:45 and rejoin their parents at the halfway point of the service

  • Older children (5th grade +) will meet on Sunday evenings twice a month, share a meal, and engage in fellowship with other children of faith in the community.

Auxiliary youth ministries include:

  • Early Communion

  • Confirmation

  • Service Projects

  • Field Trips

  • Christmas Pageant

If you're interested in having your child join Sunday School or Youth Group, please contact our office for more information.


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