Weddings at Christ Church

Built in 1834, the beautiful construction of Christ Church uses local Blue Westerly Granite and Pink Westerly Granite and sits among a carefully designed memorial garden. The exquisite interior is donned by a one-of-a-kind organ designed by C.B. Fisk with advice from Christ Church's own and renowned organist George Kent, to create a center of music flanked by three handsome stained glass windows. The numerous stained glass windows span the years from 1892 through 1978, each chosen with care and holding rich stories and purpose. The Church can hold just over 300 guests. Additionally, a certified kitchen is available for caterers and additional spaces are able to be used for gatherings. Please call the church office for more information.  

We are so pleased you are interested in sharing your special day with us and want to make it a wonderful experience for you during the often times stressful wedding planning process and the future to come. Our clergy is dedicated to getting to know you and helping you grow together. Couples who wish to invite our clergy to perform their ceremonies will also have three spiritual counseling sessions as a couple. Please fill out the form below to get our office and clergy prepared for your visit with us! For more information please feel free to call our office at (401) 596-0197.

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