The C.B. Fisk Organ

A short history
In 1961, it was decided that a new organ would be built in Christ Church .  An organ committee was formed, and after extensive research, C.B. Fisk, Inc. was awarded the contract to build a three-manual tracker organ. On the advice of Mr. Fisk and the recommendation of the organ committee, a gallery was constructed at the rear of the nave to house both organ and choir.  Mr. Fisk was able to use in his total design the Milner windows, the inspiring beauty of which seems to have been intensified by their proximity to the magnificent instrument.

Work was begun on the organ in 1962, and parts of it were moved Westerly starting in November 1964.  The instrument was sufficiently complete by Christmas 1964 to add the beauty of its basic design to that Christmas Eve service.  The organ was first used musically in service on Easter Sunday, 1965, and voicing was completed in May.

Since that Easter Day, Opus 45 has provided glorious music for thousands of worshippers, as well as giving a multitude of guest organists a real treat in playing this gem of an instrument; a partial list includes Arno Schoenstedt, Wolfgang Hofmann, Anton Heiller, Michael Radulescu, Heinz Wunderlich, Thomas Murray, Joh Ferris, Simon Preston, Donald Willing, Christopher Herrick, Sir David Willcocks, Martin Neary, Lionel Rogg, Lynne Davis, Philip Ledger (with the Choir of King's College Choir, Cambridge, England), Martha Foltz, Charles Krigbaum, Henry Hokans, James Weaver, Marian Ruhl, Yuko Hayashi, Frank Taylor, Suanne Cleverdon, and Vernon deTar.