October News

The Altar Guild is back to its regular meeting schedule and preparing for the busy months ahead.  We are hoping to add to our membership and are also looking for people willing to serve on the Flower Committee which will deliver flowers from the altar to parishioners.  Please contact Cheryl Leong at 401-596-3008 or Natalie Pukas at 401-322-7540 if you are interested.

            We have decided to hold a fundraiser this fall and will be selling/taking orders for Rada knives and other kitchen utensils.  Please look for announcements for the dates. We do plan to have opportunities for purchase/order after the 5PM and 9AM services as well as at the Annual Bazaar.

            As a part of our continued refurbishing of the church’s beautiful adornments, the altar’s collection plate as well as the two brass candlesticks in the baptistery are being cleaned and lacquered. Look for them to be back soon.